Venice to Mantua Cycle & Cruise Tour

September 2024

Your cycling tour winds its way along the Po and Mincio Rivers, beginning with the warm embrace of the Venetian Lagoon, passing through and into rural areas of the Italian countryside that are still untouched. Over the next few days, you will discover the true nature and beauty of this area with its natural canals, fishermen’s huts that are camouflaged in the reeds, and bridges formed of boats that reduce the distances between strips of sand. Just a few of the many highlights are the historical cities of Mantua and beautiful Venice and the fishing village of Chioggia. Between your cycling excursions, you will be cruising along with the ship, which travels to a new destination every day.

Trip Highlights

Whats Included

Whats Not Included

TBD: Venice Municipality Access Fee: approx. 18-30 € to be paid on site; it is expected to enter into force on January 1st, 2023

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